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Baby Spinach & Kale


A combination of two superfoods; Baby Spinach and kale is a hearty mix of leafy greens.

Product Features

  • Washed and ready to enjoy
  • Good source of Vitamins A, C, and K, folic acid and minerals, antioxidants and fiber

Organic Ingredients

Baby Spinach, Baby Kale


5oz: 8 16554 02042 1

The “non-GMO” claim means that the food is made without ingredients that were derived from genetically engineered organisms.
High Quality
For three generations the Braga family has been a constant in the agricultural industry, farming high-quality organic produce.
USDA Organic
We have over 20 years of expanding our certified organic program and meeting the highest food-safety standards.
Kosher Certified
The following item is found to be in full compliance with kosher certification.
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