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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Produce

    Does Ready-to-Enjoy mean that it has been pre-washed?

    Please refer to the packaging. If there is a statement on there that says “Washed and Ready to Enjoy”, it is ready-to-eat and there is no need to rinse prior to consumption.

    Do you have any coupons to share?

    We are excited that you are interested in purchasing our products! Here is a link to our coupon page with our current offers that we have to share.

    Do you ship directly to home addresses or have the capability to order products online?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to ship directly to home addresses. Please visit our store locator page to determine where products are available for purchasing in your area.

    Could you share the source of your dressing or where to purchase it?

    We are glad you like the dressing as much as we do! Due to sourcing variations, we do not share the manufacture of our dressings and dips. Since they are proprietary blends, they are not sold separately at retail either.

    Are your products freezable?

    It depends on the specific item. Some of our items are freezable and some are not. Salad Kits & Leafy Greens are best used before the Best If Used by Date and shouldn’t be frozen. Vegetables and Cut Vegetables can be frozen, with proper preparation and packing. We recommend blanching them for approximately one minute and storing them in a freezer safe bag or container in order to optimize freshness.

    Where can your products be purchased?

    Please visit our store locator to find out what stores carry out products. Product availability may vary by store location.

  • Our Practices

    Is all of your packaging recyclable?

    We love that you want to do you part by recycling. Here is a link to our recycling page to use as a guide and for some additional information.

    Are you Non-GMO certified?

    We are CCOF and USDA Organic certified, which means we are prohibited from using GMO’s in any of our organic products. To be organic certified, we meet very specific standards for each organization and are audited to ensure we are in full compliance with their regulations.

    Are your products grown hydroponically?

    No, our products are not hydroponically grown.

  • Food Safety

    I found a large-uncut vegetable, leafy-green piece or part of a plant in my salad.

    We sincerely apologize for your recent experience with our product. Occasionally, large pieces of the original plant can go through our salad cutter/slicer at a strange angle without being cut to an appropriate standard size.

    I found bugs in my leafy greens or vegetables.

    As organic farmers, we stay away from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We choose specific ranch locations to ensure healthy crops, while also planting beneficial flowers that attract good bugs (like ladybugs) to help decrease the amount of unwanted bugs in our field. Our vegetables are packed and grown outside in a natural environment to guarantee peak freshness and deliver the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Our skilled harvesters are great at detecting a variety of issues, but bugs can sometimes be hard to see at the field level. Don’t be too alarmed if you do see a lady bug or one of their friends on your produce. We recommend simply washing our field-packed produce prior to consumption.

    I found dirt in my Ready-to-Enjoy product; what should I do?

    Our vegetables are packed and grown outside in a natural environment to guarantee peak freshness and deliver the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Our skilled harvesters are great at detecting a variety of issues, including dirt but it sometimes can be hard to see at the field level. We recommend simply washing our field-packed produce prior to consumption to get rid of any dirt.

    Do your fresh vegetable and leafy-green products contain preservatives or sulfites?

    All of Josie’s Organics fresh vegetables and leafy-green products do not contain preservatives or sulfites.

    What does SB/ BIUB on my package mean?

    SB= Sell By , BIUB= Best if Used By The Sell By date refers to the date the retailer has to sell the product or rotate the item on their shelf. If you are seeing Best If Used By, this refers to the product’s peak freshness or quality.

    Does the code on the dressing represent an expiration date?

    The code you are seeing on the dressing package represents internal information used for inventory tracking purposes and does not indicate an expiration date. We suggest using the salad kits Best-if-Used-By date on the front panel as a guide to the dressings shelf life as well.

    I have a severe food allergy. Are there any allergens/cross contamination on your lines?

    Food safety is our number-one priority, and we have a very strict allergen sanitation program in place. We do not process any open allergens on our lines, and in particular, any ingredients with tree nuts/peanuts. We do process master packs that contain wheat, soy, and dairy; but these ingredients are in a sealed bag and are not exposed in our facility.

    There is a funny/rancid smell coming from one of your products I purchased. Is it still safe to eat?

    Thank you for sharing your observation. There could many factors causing the off odor. Please send us the details of the product and we can research possibilities for you. In the mean time, we do not advise consuming produce that has a funny or rancid smell. We recommend throwing the product away or using it as compost.

    There is excess moisture in the bag of one of your products I purchased. It is mushy/not usable but it hasn’t expired yet.

    We apologize that your product is not edible. Excess moisture may form within the bag caused by inconsistent refrigeration. Fluctuations in temperature ranges may lead to humidity forming within the packaging, which can create trapped moisture from time-to-time.

  • Other

    I can’t find the answer to my question.

    Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’re here to help! Contact us!

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