Iceberg Lettuce

Served chopped, shredded or as a wedge, the crisp, refreshing taste and texture of iceberg makes it perfect for salads. Whole iceberg leaves are popular and delicious as a low-carb alternative to tortillas or pita bread, great on burgers, and can be shredded to dress up tuna and egg salads, and tacos.

Iceberg lettuce field
Iceberg lettuce close up
Renderiing of Josie's Organics Iceberg Lettuce. Renderiing of Josie's Organics Iceberg Lettuce.


Iceberg is best served raw and fresh.

Choose lettuce heads that are round and firm, and exhibit no discoloration on the outer leaves.

Rinse under cool running water and remove the core of the head of iceberg by turning it over, core-side up, and twisting out the core with your hand before storing. Wrap washed lettuce in paper towels to preserve a crisp texture and last up to seven days in the refrigerator.


Iceberg is a good source of vitamins A and K, fiber, and is extremely low in calories.