Josie's Organics Cauliflower Drop Biscuts on cookie sheet.

Vegetables for Breakfast? Yes Please!

by Alisa Teglia | October 26th, 2016

My love affair with vegetables began at an early age. I vividly remember my preference for carrot sticks while others my age favored potato chips. It’s not difficult for me to consume the recommended 3 cups per day from this food group, but the average daily intake in the United States is far below this. I advise my clients to add a vegetable to every meal (including breakfast) they consume. This suggestion tends to produce a few perplexed facial expressions and the question, “Vegetables for Breakfast?” Absolutely!

Here are a few ways to sneak some vegetables in before the lunch hour arrives:

Traditional Breakfast Foods:

When thinking of traditional breakfast foods (such as oatmeal or biscuits with gravy), vegetables are typically not part of these meals. You may need to think outside the box a little, but vegetables can fit into these foods and add a delicious and exciting change to your morning meal. I really enjoy Josie’s Cauliflower Drop Biscuits with Cheddar, Bacon and Leeks alongside my scrambled eggs. If you prefer a hot cereal, why not try the Springy Green Coconut Grains using oatmeal or bulgur for the grain source. It is a delicious way to start the morning!

Non-Traditional Breakfast Foods:

Who says breakfast foods are the only foods you can consume before noon? Eating more non-traditional foods at breakfast time (like sandwiches, burgers, or dinner leftovers) makes the option of having vegetables at this meal a breeze. If you have prepared vegetables with dinner the night before, they can easily be incorporated into almost any type of food. I have been known to eat “cold” pizza leftovers as a fast and quick breakfast meal. One of the best cold (or reheated) pizzas around is Kale and Caramelized Pizza with Gouda and Thyme. When I enjoy a slice or two with a mug of hot steaming coffee, I am ready for just about anything the day can bring!


With busy work and school schedules, it’s tough to take the time to sit down and eat a balanced breakfast. Although solid foods tend to satisfy the stomach more than liquid based foods, a smoothie including protein sources (like yogurt and milk) combined with high fiber carbohydrates (think of your favorite fruit, nuts or flaxseeds) can give you the energy to take you through the morning hours. Try adding a handful of kale or diced beets to the mixture to further bump up the fiber, flavor and nutritional content.

Give some of these ideas a try. Let your vegetable love affair begin!