Supermarket to Table: Time-Saving Tips for Increasing Vegetable Intake

by Alisa Teglia | September 23rd, 2015

Rarely do I hear a client say they have “too much time” on their hands. As a society, the hustle and bustle of long-hour work weeks, multiple social engagements and never-ending chores lead to minimal time to shop for, prepare and eat healthy foods. If time —or lack of— is the main culprit to fueling your body with the right kinds of food, here are a few timesaving tips for adding more vegetables into your diet:

At the Supermarket:

Think of grocery shopping as an “appointment.” I doubt many of us would care to visit the doctor or dentist multiple times every week, so limit your grocery store visits too. Fresh vegetables stay well preserved throughout an entire week if they are stored properly at home. Save time at the grocery store by shopping its perimeter where produce and other unprocessed foods are located. Like an artist’s paint palette, choose a combination of 4-5 differently colored vegetables per week to add to your meals and snacks. For instance, try filling your cart this week with Josie’s Organics kale (green), radishes (red), gold beets (orange), and cauliflower (white). This will ensure a variety of nutrients for your body and flavors for your taste buds!

 Home Preparation:

Avoid quickly throwing vegetables into the refrigerator at home. If hidden away, there is a good likelihood that some of those essential foods will be forgotten. Besides, who wants to come home from a long work day and start cutting vegetables? Thankfully, vegetables can be cleaned and stored for later use immediately after purchase. Vegetables need to be dried thoroughly once washed to prevent a moist environment where bacteria are likely to grow. Try washing your lettuces in a salad spinner. Once dry, place the entire salad spinner, with the lettuces, in the refrigerator for the week. It is so easy to grab a handful of clean lettuce to throw on a sandwich or chop up for the foundation of a salad meal. If you enjoy crunchy, raw vegetables as an accompaniment to a meal or snack, wash and cut the vegetables, placing them in airtight containers filled with water to keep them fresh. Josie’s Organics celery paired with hummus is a favorite snack in my household. Lastly, clean out your vegetable bin weekly of all unused produce. The mix and match of leftover vegetables can make a wonderful soup base, a roasted side dish or a vegetable-infused smoothie. Try adding roasted Josie’s Organics beets to your next smoothie and enjoy a new level of sweetness!

It just takes a few minutes of preparation to have healthy vegetables on your table all week long. Give it a try!