Meet Josie

Our grandparents, Sebastian and Josie, risked everything to purchase the land that is still part of our Home Ranch in Soledad, California. As partners, they built a successful business and cultivated a warm environment where neighbors, ranch hands and people from far and wide were welcomed into their home and treated like family.

Josie was ahead of her time in many ways. Long before baby lettuces became popular in packaged salads, Nonnie Josie was clipping leaves of baby iceberg by hand to serve to those she invited to her table—and that was everyone!

Josie served three meals a day on the ranch, making sure her husband, sons Norman, Ernest and Stanley, and all the farm workers had plenty to eat. If unexpected visitors stopped by, Josie invited them in to sit down, have a bite and stay a while.

She was a strong woman who loved to cook and adored her family and community.

We’ve carried on her tradition of being actively involved and giving back by supporting local charities and donating time and resources to the causes we and our employees believe in.

In all we do, we strive to make Josie and Sebastian proud. And we hope our care comes through in the quality and fresh taste of every deliciously organic fresh vegetable we put inside a Josie’s Organics package.

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