Meet the Farmers

From the time he first began farming in California’s Salinas Valley, under Sebastian Braga’s leadership the ranch grew and so did our Braga clan. He was a dedicated family man who believed success would come through honesty and integrity.

He lived by these values and instilled the same standards and hard-working ethics in his sons and grandsons. We’re honored to still be operating under his ideals and principles—in business and farming.

From him, and from our fathers, we inherited a deep appreciation of the importance of the soil and how to care for it. Sebastian, and his sons Norman, Ernest and Stanley, farmed in balance with the environment.

Today it’s called sustainable farming, but to us it’s not new…it’s always been our way of life.

We, the third generation of Bragas (Rodney, Chris, Carson and Marshall), have remained true to our core values, and feel humbled to have such a great responsibility to continue the family tradition—remember the past, be mindful of the present, and always look to the future.

It’s too early to tell if the fourth generation of Bragas will someday fill our boots and run the farm. But what we do know is how much fun it is for a young boy, like Rod’s son Sebastian (yep, named for his great-grandfather!) to look for ladybugs in the organic fields, ride in big tractors, and go to work on the ranch with dad. Like it was for us, it’s his favorite thing in the world to do.

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