Josie’s Promise

Our Nonnie Josie believed in serving the best to her family and everyone who had a meal in her home. To her, that meant the freshest, most wholesome food. Today, our tagline “deliciously organic produce” is more than a marketing slogan—it’s our promise to you, inspired by her.

Organic & Sustainable

We grow premium quality, 100% USDA certified organic vegetables, which means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used on our farms—only approved organic materials are utilized in crop production.

We combine tried-and-true sustainable practices, like planting beneficial flowers to attract “good bugs” that help control pests in the fields, and tilling cover crops into the earth to add nutrients back into the soil (just to name a couple), with the latest technologies, such as GPS-equipped tractors for the best accuracy and productivity, and fuel-efficient engines that save millions of gallons of fuel each year.

We’re proud to say sustainable farming has been our way of life for nearly a century.

Premium Quality and Taste

Fresh organic vegetables taste great. Everything we grow, we serve to our own families, friends and employees, and we expect our products to meet the highest quality standards.

If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the freshness or taste of Josie’s Organics, we want to know about it and make it right. Please contact us to tell us about your experience with Josie’s—your full satisfaction is our goal.

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